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We Myglobaldestination an Easy travel to your dream destination…. We are happy to introduce ourselves that we make the World travel and tourism continue to expand and the industry needs to manage this extraordinary growth in ways that sustain the long-term social, environmental and economic competitiveness of the routes and destinations travelers use.

It is hobby which made us to move forward into this profession.  Our events /programs present a global perspective in a variety of formats — with each program designed to leave a lasting impact on you and all . We bring together the best platform to help all upcoming talents and youngsters to address their practical challenges and dramatically improve their ideas and talent plus  performance


We are there to felicitate the following activities in different direction , distance , and duration for professional and pleasure :

Our basic purpose is to provide you the best and fastest services to all with all precision.

World Market Update

The World Market Update newsletter is published electronically by Western Union Business Solutions detailing all the various market factors that affect the market and currency pricing. Written in plain language, our foreign exchange specialists give readers an idea of where the market is and where it’s going.


Monthly Currency Outlook

Stay on top of the rapidly fluctuating currency market with fresh currency analyses and market forecasts from Western Union Business Solutions, designed to help you protect your profits and prosper in an uncertain economy.

Our Currency Outlooks are a synthesis of Western Union Business Solution’s premier currency analysis pieces, undertaken by our top foreign exchange specialists from around the globe. Consultants charge hundreds of dollars for subscriptions like this but we’ll deliver this extremely high-value information to you every month for free.