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Today when we are presuming ourselves to be most civilized humans beings, still most of us behaved so savagely with animals making us in humans. I strongly protest cruelty with animals especially Cow & buffaloes  Slaughtering , killing Tigers(Only countable left) , dogs killing, Bears, Dolphins & whales Slaughtering , Unfair and bad treatment to Elephants and killing them, illegal sale of birds and to kill them on the name of superstition, piglets And all other animals those who are suffering.

We Indians are known for our healthy traditions to respect environment including animals where we even worship them to protect our ecosystem. Then how logical it is that we even want to spoil our future not only the animals as these killing will put the eco balanced in jeopardy. We give divine respect of highest order making no difference between almighty God & Environment (Plants, Animals, and Others).


I humbly request you to stop this terrorism as well toward helpless animals. If possible make it legally binding to stop slaughter houses to put and end to anti- animal activities.


But we observe that just making Laws cannot put an end to this demon ally activities. This may be appropriate to mention laws by order of High court of India has passed law to stop slaughtering and to close all slaughtering house & Use trained people to handle animals. Law was passed but yet to implement due to some political pressure. This must be stop.






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